How do I add a VP2 officer?

To create a VP2 officer profile:

  • The agency will be responsible for adding the officer to IUCS and assigning court sessions. This must be completed before the officer is assigned a VP2 profile.
  • The officer must complete the attached form.
    • The form must include the officer’s printed name, agency, and star number.
    • The officer must sign and include the star number on the ‘Signature of Officer’ line.
    • The officer’s signature must appear between the lines at the bottom of the form.  It must not include the officer’s rank, title or star number.  This is where the signature image is extracted.
  • Send the original completed form to the Clerk’s Office to the attention of the ‘IT Business Department’.
  • Once the original completed form has been received, the officer profile will be created in VP2 and you will be notified of the officer’s profile and initial password.




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