Communications Problem

  • NOTE: We strongly recommend sending citations at the end of every stop.  Do not wait until end-of-shift.
  • You may be temporarily disconnected from the server.  Does the bottom of your Report Beam screen display “Online” or “Offline”?
    • Wait a few minutes or change locations.
  • You may have a citation ‘stuck’ in the Outbox.
    • Contact Records and see if they can find any Outbox or Draft file citations on the server.
    • For citations on the server, follow this procedure to remove them from Report Beam: link to procedure
    • Once the received citation is removed, the others should automatically send
      • If not, select each individually and press ‘Send’ (not ‘Send All’).
  • ‘Auto Send Disabled’ Message
    • Log into Report Beam
    • Click on ‘File’, then ‘Options’.
    • Click on ‘Send/Receive’ tab.
    • Under ‘Outbox’, make sure that ‘Send Automatically When Connected’ is checked.

If you were not able to solve your issue, create a trouble ticket by clicking here.    


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