ReportBeam -- Release Notes for Application updates – March 2013

Release Notes for ReportBeam Application updates – March 2013

  1. If any searches were performed, you must still complete a paper stop card.
  2. It is still strongly recommended to write some Probable Cause violation (Citation, Written Warning or Verbal Warning) in a traffic stop.

However, if there is no PC violation in the stop (i.e. no insurance), the application will ask you to either identify the PC violation or indicate that TSSS is not applicable.

(a) On the Print screen, click the top checkbox, complete and print the forms, then go to the TSSS form (page 2) to enter the Reason for Stop and Type of Moving Violation.

(b) To indicate TSS is not applicable, click the last checkbox on the Print screen. Then please enter a short explanation why TSS was not applicable.

13 Report Beam Release Notes TSS Actions Box.png

   3.    Do not change the type of violation on the form after one has been selected. If you selected a violation in error, delete the form and open a New Report.

          For example, if a speeding violation was selected, do not replace it with a seat belt violation.

          However, you may replace Speeding 1-10 with Speeding 10-15.

   4.   Do not write any pedestrian violations on E-Citations.

   5.   In the Incident section, if the Accident checkbox is checked, please select one of the Accident Type checkboxes

          (Property Damage, Driver  Injury, Personal Injury, Fatal)

   6.   Commercial Motor Vehicle stop involving an Overweight – if this stop involved a moving violation as a probable cause, you must write the                  

         UTC PC violation first, then additional UTCs or Overweights as necessary. This will ensure the appropriate TSS form is filed.

         Overweights alone will report Commercial Vehicle as the TSS reason for stop.

If you have a question regarding this release that is not addressed here. Please click on the link below and your representative will be contacted during standard business hours. Click here. 



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