Why do I have a Duplicate Citation Number?

Duplicate Citation Number



Periodically there are instances where an officer will send a citation from the ReportBeam client to the ReportBeam server, the server will properly store the citation in the database, but the client may not receive the acknowledgement that the server received the citation.  The client will then attempt to send the citation to the server and the server will report back to the client that the citation is already on the database and the client is then programmed to stop sending citations to the server.  This situation is typically referred to as "Stuck In the Outbox".  When this condition is experienced by an officer in a squad car, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Check with your Records Department to determine if the stuck citation is present on the server.  Important: Before proceeding, make sure it is for the same offender as the citation in the Outbox!  If a citation with the same number but a different offender is on the Server, your will need to let records know that this citation must be treated as if you wrote it by hand.  It must be transmitted to the Court manually.  Also, have them contact the Clerk’s office.  We may need to reset your numbers. 
  2. Open the Outbox.  You will see a screen similar to this, showing the stuck citation:




3. Click on the citation to highlight it.  Note that several buttons just above the citation become enabled.  Click on ‘Export’.




4. A window will open to allow you to navigate to a folder outside of Report Beam client where you can store the citation for future reference.  A good choice is to create a folder with a named ‘Stuck Citations’ under ‘My Documents’.  Key in an identifying file name and press ‘Save’:



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Reference Document : ZENDESK FAQ TOI-130709-1.docx


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