Why can't I get to the Web E-Appeal on my browser?

In order to use the Web E-Appeal product the workstation must have two things.

First, it must have ready access to the internet as the Web E-Appeal server is only accessible via the internet.

Secondly, a networked drive must be configured so that two separate folders are available and mapped to the workstation.

a.)     R:\WebEAppeal\signandlogo

b.)     R:\WebEAppeal\workspace


Once these two prerequisites are met the system can be configured and put into use.


Please submit a trouble ticket if you would like to start the planning process.

DuPage County Circuit Clerk's support staff will contact within the next two business hours.

 Please leave a contact e-mail and phone number.

Specify E-Appeal as the system.

Use the link below to submit your request.


Click here.



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