Why are 2014 and older INTERTEXT.EXE files not opening?

On December 10th 2014 we were made aware that there was an issue with downloading and using the “INTERTEXT.EXE” searchable ROP files on the Web E-Appeal system.  The problem had the characteristics of a server based issue and so we approached the problem in that manner. 

 We could find no issue with the server and focused on a client related clue.  Our development team has identified the issue as an update related problem.

 The consequence of this update is that some of the attorneys, who are using the searchable ROP, may not be able to open and use the INTERTEXT.EXE file that has been uploaded for your appeals cases.  The solution is simple for the case.  The searchable ROP must be re-created and uploaded to the appellate court, by the originating Circuit Clerk's office, for that specific case, and the problem will be eliminated.


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