How do I add a Local Court Violation "LCV" ?

Illinois Unified Configuration Service


You can add three types of violations.  Local State Violation (LSV) is a traffic violation similar to a state traffic violation.  If your town has adopted the IVC, these will be built automatically for you.  Local Court Violation (LCV) is an ordinance violation that will be transmitted to the Circuit Court.  Local Administrative Violation (LAV) is an ordinance violation that will NOT be transmitted to the court but will be resolved in a village/city hearing.  This guide is for adding LCVs only.


Local Court Violations

Adding Violations


  • Search by both violation code and description to make sure you are not creating a duplicate
  • Click on Add Local Court Violation (LCV) link under the Search criteria.
  • Add the proper violation code
    Get this from your village/city code.  Do NOT precede the number with your agency code.
  • Add the proper description
    Make sure the description covers the violation code entered above.
  • Select Use On Form
    Choose from the options in the drop down box.  This is the form that will be printed if your department creates electronic citations.
  • Enter the effective date
    When the ordinance became effective.
  • Enter the UCR code (optional)

  • Select Save button.

 All other fields should be defaulted to correct values.


Maintaining Violations


  • Use the Search section to find the violation you wish to maintain.

  • Inactivate the violation
    Click on red X in Inactivation column
    Enter a reason it is being inactivated.
    Click  on the Inactivate button.
  • Change violation
    Click on pencil in the Edit column
    Enter the new information
    Click on Save.

After adding or maintaining an LCV violation, the status is set to PENDING. While we are working on the sync process, the status will indicate LOCKED.  Once the violation has been updated in the Clerk’s system, the status will change to SYNC.  It can then be used. 


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