Why do I have to type in a validation code every time I sign in?

Validation codes enable the Clerk’s office to disseminate information in a secure environment. 

When you first sign on, you will indicate whether your machine is public or private.  If you select public, you will be asked to enter a validation code each time you sign in.  If you indicate your machine is private, your validation code will last for 90 days. (See below "Private Machine Use")

If you indicated your machine as private and you are still required to enter a validation code each time you sign in, it may be that your ‘cookies’ (where the code is stored on your machine) are being cleared when you close your web browser.


Private Machine Use

You should enter the verification code only once and it should be good for 90 days. 

Does your computer still bring up the old LF user id /password or have you saved the old password to your system  – that may be the problem – if so you need to delete the “cookies” or

Turn Off autosave.

Plus your browser may be set to DELETE EVERYTHING ON EXIT – if you change that setting then it will save your PIN number.

Also, are you selecting PRIVATE or PUBLIC  when entering the validation code – it needs to be PRIVATE.

Is anyone else using your id and password  - if so that will make you revalidate.

Have you removed the old certificate from your computer – that may cause problems also (On the browser menu bar select TOOLS – INTERNET OPTIONS – CONTENT – CERTIFICATE – HIGHLIGHT – REMOVE)

 If you are having trouble making any of these changes, you should talk to technical support at your department for help.



Document Reference - CCHRIS130208-1


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