How do I resolve the ‘Autosend . . . disabled’ message?

NOTE:  The user that experiences this message should ALWAYS create a trouble ticket for this error by clicking here

If you are seeing this message -



Click on the "Details -->" button.  You will be presented with an expanded view of the error.



You will see the name of the violator.  (This example the violator's last and first name is AAAA)  The citation number for this citation was previously used and the ReportBeam application prevents duplicate citation numbers.

To resolve this problem you must:

- Click OK on the message window to close.

- On the Report Screen click on the Outbox link in the left-hand window.

- All citations for the defendant that appeared in the error message must be removed from the Outbox.

- When the user has removed the citations from the Outbox, exit ReportBeam (File > Exit) and start ReportBeam again.

- Make sure that you have a printed copy for each citation that you are removing.

- Right-click on each line in the right-hand window that corresponds to the defendant name, making note of the Agency Code (complaint number) and select "Export".

- When asked for a file name, provide the complaint number as the file name.  Accept the default Save location.

IMPORTANT:  Notify your records department that ALL of the exported citations MUST BE MARKED AS BOOKED on the ReportBeam server. 

This problem may require additional handling by the Clerk's Office.  It is important that a trouble ticket gets created.  Create a trouble ticket for this error by clicking here


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