Officer Shift Startup Cheat Sheet

When and Officer begins their shift, it is good practice to start ReportBeam "fresh".

  • If ReportBeam is running, exit the application by using the 'File' > 'Exit' steps.
  • Start the Reportbeam application

When starting the ReportBeam application, after providing your user name and password on the ReportBeam Login window


and then providing the optional information on the Officer Information window


the application will then proceed to update the client machine with the officer's current configuration.  This process may take a few minutes to complete.  One subtle indication that this process is being performed is an intermittent display of the mouse pointer being "busy".  The officer MAY receive a message indicating that the client has been updated (seen below)


When this miessage has been displayed, the client now has the most current configuration for that officer and agency.


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