Why don't I have court dates?

No Court Dates

NOTE: Report Beam does not currently provide a way to warn officers that no court dates are available before beginning a citation.  The officer will not be aware that they do not have court dates until they reach the Print screen and are trying to assign a court date.   If this happens, the officer will have to void the citations that they are creating, exit Report Beam and write them manually.

  • Check with the records department to confirm the officer assigned to court dates with open slots that are not less than 14 nor more than 62 days out.
    • If no dates exist within the 14-62 day window, have Records assign additional dates using IUCS.
    • If court dates are available in IUCS but not Report Beam, contact the Clerk’s office and they will investigate.  Create a trouble ticket by clicking here.

If you were not able to solve your issue, create a trouble ticket by clicking here.


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