Duplicate Citation Number / Auto Send Disabled Errors Rev 2

Duplicate Citation Number / Auto Send Disabled Errors



Click on ‘Details’ and you will see a message like this:


You may also see this message:


Cause: The Server detected that you are attempting to send a citation number with a duplicate number.

Possible Reasons:

1.      The server successfully received the citation, but the return acknowledgement was not received in the car.  The car repeated tries to re-send the citation.

2.      Your Smart Number “next citation number” reverted back to a previously used number.

What to do:

1.      Open the ‘Outbox’:


2.      Try to send each citation individually;

·         You may see more than one citation.  A stuck citation will block all others behind it.

·         Click on each citation and press ‘Send’ to send each citation individually.

·         Duplicate numbered citations will not send.  You may have more than one duplicate number.

3.      Export duplicate numbered citations:

·         Click on a citation to select it:


·         Click on the ‘Export’ button.

·         Report Beam will display A window will open to allow you to navigate to a folder outside of Report Beam client where you can store the citation for future reference.  A good choice is to create a folder with a named ‘Stuck Citations’ under ‘My Documents’.

·          Key in an identifying file name and press ‘Save’:


4.      Notify Records

·         On the paper copy, include a note to Records that you had a duplicate citation number problem and that this citation may not be in Report Beam Server.

·         Records will then check the server for the original citation.

·   If the name and date matches a Report Beam citation on the Server, they will know it was an return acknowledgement problem.

·   If there is a different name and date, they will know that it was Smart Number problem and they must transmit it to the Court manually.  They should also notify the Clerk’s office so that your numbers may be reset.


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