How do I reset the Timeout Parameters in Virtual Partner?

Smart Number Log On / Off Error

Reset Timeout Parameters Procedure


End ReportBeam (File>Exit)

Terminate VP (Right-click VP icon and select Terminate)


Using Windows Explorer, navigate to folder C:\AdvPubSafety\Install Files\QD and locate file QuickNumberClient.exe :



Right click on the file name and then single click on the ‘Open’ option:



An ‘about’ box will appear.  Click on ‘Setup’:



The network timeout default values are “10” :



Change the values from “10” to “30”.  DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER VALUE!!!

Then click on ‘Save’:



Then click on ‘Close’:



Start VP.

  • Windows‘Start’ button at lower left of screen.
  • ‘All Programs’
  • Find and click on VP Virtual Partner.


Start ReportBeam and login.


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