How Do I Resolve Virtual Partner Log In Problems?

Virtual Partner Log In Problems

Error messages that you may see during log in or log off of Report Beam:

  • Smart Number Log In Failed
  • Smart Number Log off Failed
  • Smart Number Server Available But Did Not Respond In Time
  • No Smart Numbers Available

These errors are the result of connectivity problems, most often due to the wireless card going into a dormant state.  While some applications will ‘wake up’ the wireless connection, Smart Number which is part of Report Beam and Virtual Partner may not do so every time if the wireless card is in a dormant state.

How to Resolve:

  1. Log out of Report Beam.  Without citation numbers, you will not be able to write tickets.
  2. Log back into Report Beam but pause before hitting ‘Continue’ when you get the ‘Officer Information’ window (where you enter the beat and car number).
  3. Using an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox), start an internet session and go to any site, such as Google or any webpage your agency allows access to.
  4. Immediately return to Report Beam and press ‘Continue’ on the Officer Information window.  In most instances, this procedure should activate your wireless data connection and resolve any of the above Smart Number errors.

Please Note:

  • If you are already logged into Report Beam and one of these messages appears, log off and follow the procedure, then immediately log back in.
  • Make it a practice to do an internet browser query just before logging out of Report Beam to insure that there is also an active connection at shut down.  Failure to do so may result in a Smart Number logoff failed message which can result in ticket number problems.
  • Wait a few minutes before shutting down the computer or wireless connection to allow Report Beam to completely update the server before closing.

If the above procedure does not resolve the problem:

  • Log out of Report Beam.
  • Try holding down the ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’, ‘Shift’, and ‘O’ (alpha O).
  • You will be asked if you would like to update.  Click on ‘Yes’.
  • The update will take a few minutes.
  • Restart and log into Report Beam.

If you are still having problems increase the wait time variable:

  • If this procedure is not already available within your agency, contact us and we will send out illustrated instructions.

If the problem persists:

Virtual Partner may contain a corrupt file.  Uninstall and reinstall VP using the procedure supplied to your agency.


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