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Ambrose Contreras June 19, 2013 Announcements

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Date of this update 07/29/2016 10:23

Due to scheduled work on the county campus electrical system, all computer systems will be unavailable, starting on the morning of Saturday, July 30. Access to the computer systems will end at approximately 3am. We were given a 12 hour time-frame with regards to the electrical work. From our perspective, we still have to add time to the beginning and end of that window, as it takes a considerable amount of time to bring the systems up and down. The computer systems will be brought back online when the all clear is given from the county. But expect the outage to last much if not the entire day.

We will notify booking at the Sheriff’s office when we are back online.


 You are welcome to submit a ticket here if you have any questions.


Ambrose Contreras June 26, 2013 Announcements

As of 06/07/2016 08:15 CST

All systems are functioning normally.

 Affected systems : All systems and network connections are functioning normally.

Ambrose Contreras Feb 22 Announcements


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