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Ambrose Contreras June 26, 2013 Announcements

As of 03/13/2015 11:26 CST

Affected systems : All systems and network connections are functioning normally.

Ambrose Contreras June 19, 2013 Announcements

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Date of this update 08/31/2015 09:15

There are no scheduled outages at this time.

You are welcome to submit a ticket here if you have any questions.


Ambrose Contreras Mar 26 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Self Help / IUCS Agency User

The Login page has been streamlined to just require your USERID and PASSWORD. There is no need to select your user role or your county to LOGIN to the system.  

If you are a multi-jurisdictional user your various offices will be available once you login.


If you still need help or direction you are welcome to submit a trouble ticket with IUCS as your system choice.

Enter an e-mail where we can reach you and a phone number  we can call during normal business hours.

Please pick "IUCS" as the system, from the drop down box,

and fill in the details of the issue you would like addressed.

We will contact you as soon as the message is read.

Click here.

Ambrose Contreras August 28, 2014 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Self Help / E-Appeals


Server environment changes have forced a move to a new location.

This is the web page you will see:


We have migrated to new improved server.
If you are seeing this page then go to comand prompt and try flushing dns.
Click here to find help on how to flush dns entry

The New server IP is You can Click Here to access the server using IP address.


This is newer method that takes into account the Windows 7 interface and how ot get to a command window.


 Either method is correct.


If you have a question about this topic that is not addressed here, please use E-Appeal as your system and click on the link below and your representative will be contacted during standard business hours. Click here .


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